Projection & Activities in 2018-19

The creative drive has three tiers reflecting the level of commitment, skill, and responsibility required, which dovetail with the Arts Awards and Creative Diploma levels. Level 1 activities are designed to engage, enthuse, and exciting by giving young people a taste for engaging in creative activity and for working in groups. Level 2 focuses on skills, technique, and performance and includes off-stage work such as technical theatre. At level 3 the goal is to develop transferable skills through leadership and entrepreneurship, for example in the management and production of arts activities and events.

The quality and reliability of the Society’s examinations keep attracting new academies every year to seek affiliation of the Society, which has already attained the status of a prestigious All-India Institution identically functioning on the pattern of an Open University. The students who complete training in Music, Dance and Fine Arts appear in the Basic, Junior, Senior, Visharad & Kalareatna examinations of the Society.