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Surnandan Bharati

Our Story

Surnandan Bharati is an All India Music, Dance, Yoga, Painting, Recitation, Drama, Crafts, Beautician, Embroidery, Carnatic Music & Western Music and Dance Examination Board. Surnandan Bharati has today grown in stature. Established in 1994 its affiliates have sprung forth almost in every state of our country so far. It was registered on 1st February 1994 under the Societies Registration Act 1961. Spectacular success has been achieved in Tripura, Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Goa and West Bengal.

Contacts and communications are on even with countries abroad. We have Great Personalities and Professionals who take every care for blooming buds and help them in every possible manner not only to secure Diploma/Certificates but to fire their imaginations so that they may become capable of enriching and widening our Cultural World. One of our prime tasks is to build up integration through Music, Dance, and Painting. Our object is to develop an atmosphere of love and affection.

About The Founder

Among his many cultural activities, Ritish Ranjan Chakravarty has made a niche for his favorite occupation or hobby. He is the editor of the registered Bengali cultural magazine ‘Ra Patrika’. He is also the editor-in-chief of Surnandan, an English journal of art and culture. He is the All India Secretary of Music, Dance, Painting Examination Board ‘Surnandan Bharati’.

His principal and favorite occupation are composing poetry and writing essays on different subjects. His compositions mainly center around music – both vocal-instrumental and dance.

He was the Editor-in-charge of the art and music page Lalitkala of ‘Satyajug’ daily. He is the author of the popular serials ‘the ever bright star in the firmament (sky) of music’ and ‘The Dance offerings of Nataraj’. He was also engaged in composing songs for ‘Manorama’ magazine. So far he has composed above 200 songs in Bengali, Hindi, and English. Forty-six of his books have been published. 

Video Gallery

Our Achievements

Our Publication Units:-

We publish registered quarterly journal Ra Patrika (Bengali) with Reg. No. 34913/79 and ISSN No. ISSN2456-3242 colored SURNANDAN (English) with Reg. No. WBENG/2006/20262 and ISSN No. ISSN2456-382X and Satwata Barta (Bengali) regularly from Jogoprova Prakashani. From Jogoprova Prakashani, a unit of Surnandan Bharati, books on Art & Culture published regularly with ISBN Number.

Activities in Previous Years:-

It is an institution dedicated to spreading the message of unity and integrity. This is a non-commercial Institution. We do social work. Every year we used to organize Blood Donation Camp. SNB extended their helping hand in favor of the family of the Tabla artist Sukanta Chakraborty of the Sabroom of Tripura. Rs. 10,000/- was handed over to the next kith and kin through the President and Secretary of Surnandan Bharati Tripura.


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