Old Age Home

Though the life of old age is supposed to be spent in peace, this purpose is not satisfied most of the time. While some elders are at least supported monetarily by their children, others rely on their retirement savings/pensions, but the least fortunate are penniless and abandoned. Most of them are left alone and all they need is peaceful old-age living. Surnandan Bharti is going to start the Construction of Old Age Home.

Objective: To provide a sustainable community for senior citizens with all facilities & resources with supervision and security. To also inculcate the basic environmental awareness in everyone’s minds to support the ailing & needy.

Our Concept: Respect & Protect elders as well as nature.

Plan of Action: To build an eco-friendly senior citizen retreat center that serves elders as well as nature. This initiative provides a holistic eco-friendly senior citizen home with fully furnished accommodations, 24*7 room service, staff assistance, medical facilities with security. Here our elders can live in a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere, socialize with other inmates and participate in several leisure activities. We have decided to keep a step ahead in building a safe and comfortable senior citizen retreat center to enable positive living.

Operation Model: The total space accommodates 60 inmates in a space of 6600 sq. ft. The home would contain two segments- 1. Fully charitable wing & 2. Semi-charitable wing. We will provide to needy people food, clothing & shelter free of cost. Under this wing, every subscription will be Free Service wing catered to middle and upper classes of the society who demand certain facilities over and above the basic amenities. In this wing, the subscription is paid to cover the cost of their demands.

Why We Need Your Help: We have with us land to build the Old Age home but due to pandemic, we are unable to start the construction due to crutches of the fund. Now to complete the project, we need your kind support as a donation. The project of this old age home has been conceived to accommodate elderly needy and destitute music teachers who cannot afford to sustain themselves and provide vegetarian lunch, dinner, and breakfast to them. So that they can peacefully continue this pursuit of imparting music lessons to their disciples and establish them as performing artists in the music world. To sum it up, we welcome like-minded people who can contribute and make this dream come true.

Any amount, big or small ill go a long way in solving one of the major problem. These are the ways in whih you can support:

  1. Donate to the campaign and send your donation to our Bank Account.
  2. Share the campaign link on your Facebook page.
  3. Whtsapp the link to your friends and family.
  4. Share our website to all Social Media Account.